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NM Group - ADAM Global

Collaboration is something in which we find a great deal of value, especially on an international scale. Over the years, NM Group has established a very wide range of international contacts, be it individual firms or global networks within the finance sector.

NM Group is proud to form part of the ADAM Global network as a certified member firm. This leading international professional services network has more than 130 member firms worldwide. Through ADAM Global, NM Group is able to collaborate with firms overseas, assisting our team to overcome geographical obstacles and achieve a better understanding of business on an international scale. We believe that being mindful of diverse customs and cultures, complex jurisdictions, and distinctive legal systems will open a world of opportunity for our clients who wish to carry out business globally.

We have also formed a special alliance with a number of professional firms in Europe, further extending our reach from Maltese shores.

NM Group is pleased to be working with the following firms:

Thompson & Stein
Thompson & Stein – Poland / Estonia / Qatar

Bluelink Consultants
Bluelink Consultants – Cyprus

Straitons Whitelaw
Straitons Whitelaw – UK

Taxedo Limited – Switzerland / UK